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TACO Podcast Episode 12 (the sort of lost episde 12) Podcast

This episode was recorded shortly after the 11th episode and for reason unknown to all of mankind. John and Jon are just now getting around to loading the show for your entertainment.  Actually, we planned on posting the show in December, but decided at the last minute to do the Christmas special.  The episode mostly features songs with titles the same as the CD title and when that's not the case, the CD was self titled or the song has never been released . . .    except for Erica and Aaron.

Nowhere USA by Righteous Buck & The Skull Scorchers from Righteous Buck & The Skull Scorchers

What Are You Waiting For by Harvest Kings (unreleased)

Nothing But Sirens Here by Miller Kelton from Miller Kelton

Home by Erica Blinn from Lovers In The Dust

Hats Off by Boondogglers from Hats Off

Thrill Of The Chase by DH Experiment (unreleased)

Heroin Skinny by Lost Orchards

Don't Walk Away by Aaron Lee Tasjan from Crooked River Burning

Broken Hearts and Auto Parts by Kevn Kinney from Broken Hearts & Auto Parts

Mayberry by I Can Lick Any Son-of-a-Bitch In The House from Mayberry

Last Pale Light In The West by Ben Nichols from Last Pale Light In The West 
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TACO Podcast Special: Christmas Episode Podcast

TACO Podcast Special Christmas Episode

John sort of goes solo for this special Holiday episode.  This episode features songs from three compilations, first is Columbus’ very own "Mingo Town Music Holiday Project" featuring 3 songs from bands on the Mingo Town Label, the second is from “An Americana Christmas” and the third is songs from “Gift Wrapped, Vol II, Snowed In”

Sandy Klaus by Al Smyth's FBnCC from Mingo Town Music Holiday Project I

E.L.F.C.I.O Toy Makers Union from Mingo Town Music Holiday Project I

Here It is Christmas Time by Old 97's from An Americana Christmas

Do You Hear What I Hear performed by Lydia Brownfield from Mingo Town Music Holiday Project I

Everybody Deserves a Merry Christmas by Ronnie Fauss from An Americana Christmas

Christmas Song by American Bang from Gift Wrapped, Vol. II: Snowed In

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) performed by The Dirt Drifters from Gift Wrapped, Vol. II: Snowed In

FaLaLaLaLove Ya by Nikki Lane from An Americana Christmas

Season of My Memory by Max Gomez from An Americana Christmas

To purchase "An Americana Christmas" click here

To purchase "Gift Wrapped, Vol. II: Snowed In" click here

To purchase "Mingo Town Music Christmas Project" click here

TACO Podcast Episode 11 (Fell Off The Horse) Podcast

TACO Podcast Episode 11 (Fell Off The Horse)

John and Jon return once again after a long hiatus.  As always this episode features central Ohio artists to include a number of artists on Columbus' new Mingo Town Music record label.  This episode features The Blind Engineer, Stephanie Jeffreys, Southside Chiefs, The Redvines, Dirty Biscuits, Lydia Loveless, Al Smyth's FBnCC, The Wells, The Apple Bottom Gang, and Lydia Brownfield.

Hell of a Way to Go by The Blind Engineer from Black-Letter Ballads, vol. 2

Colonel by Southside Chiefs from Southside Chiefs

Calamity Jane by Stephanie Jeffreys from Storiella

Honey Sweety Sugar Baby by The Apple Bottom Gang from The Apple Bottom Gang

Walk out the Door by The Redvines from The Redvines (5 song EP)

Gem of Egypt by The Wells from Gem of Egypt single

All I Know by Lydia Loveless from Boy Crazy EP

Trouble by Lydia Brownfield from Wantings for Sinners

Come On by Southern Bitch from Snake In The Grass

Run Home To Mama by Dirty Biscuits from Dirty Biscuits Debut EP

Last Kind Words Blues by Al Smyth’s FBnCC from Confessions of a Mobile Generation
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TACO PODCAST EPISODE 10 (Back In The Saddle) Podcast

TACO Podcast Episode 10 (Back In The Saddle)

The TACO Podcast returns with a 90 minute Episode 10 featuring Todd May, Righteous Buck and The Skull Scorchers, Miller-Kelton, Chris Bently and The Wretched Lovesick Bastards, Matthew Sullivan and many other Ohio artist.

Banks of the Ohio by Righteous Buck and The Skull Scorchers from Comfest 2010

So Forth and So On by The Lost Revival from "The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled"

Steal My Thunder by The Loving Thorns from Bullets and Bombs

Girl Granite Shore by Matthew Sullivan and The Black River Gypsies

1 800 Telephone Wife by Skillet Lickers (Devil’s Payroll)

Confidence Man by Fort Shame from Double Wide

Mercy by Todd May from Rickenbacker Girls

OFF THE WAGON by Bob Ray Starker from the NIX Comics Soundtrack

Jack The Ripper by Miller Kelton from their self-titled 5 new song release

Miss You So Much by Chris Bentley & The Wretched Lovesick Bastards from “Moonstarz and The Whiskey Kill”

This is My Headstone by Micah Schnabel from “I’m Dead, Serious”

You Can Do Better by Jon Turck Trio
  1. TACO Podcast - episode 10

TACO Podcast Episode 9 (Sliding Back Into Home) Podcast

Episode Nine (Sliding Back Into Home)
Episode Nine finds the guys returning to the Central Ohio music scene. The show features songs by Erica Blinn, Houndstooth Bindles, Alwood Sisters, Al Smyth, The George Elliot Underground, Matthew Hoover, Woosley Band. Burn Barrel, Easton Stagger Phillips, and Joshua P James.

DCG by Silo the Huskie (from Sons of Columbus)

Weather Or Not Erica Blinn Erica Blinn

Terraplane Blues by Al Smyth (from Confessions Of A Mobile Generation)

Dirty Mouth by Joshua P James (EP)

One For The Ditch by Easton Stagger Phillips (from One For The Ditch)

Andy Uzzle by Burn Barrel (from Reviled!)

Attila by Alwood Sisters (from Black Falcon & The Forest Spirit)
Rosetta by Houndstooth Bindles (from Houndstooth Bindles EP)

Daddy Caught A New Wave by The George Elliot Underground (from The George Elliot Underground)

The Truth by Mathew Hoover and The Supersaints (from Talking To Ghosts)

EchoWheel by Woosley Band (from See You In Chappaqua)
  1. TACO Podcast - episode 9

TACO Podcast Episode 7 Podcast

TACO Podcast Seven ( If First You Don't Succeed . . .)
In this episode John and Jon finally get around to re-recording the 7th episode which was originally recorded in early December. This episode features songs from Central Ohio artist The Spikedrivers, Vug, Black Owls, Miller-Kelton, The Floorwalkers, The Regionals, John Schnabel, Hayseed, and Akron-Canton area's The Most Beautiful Losers.

Miss Invisible by The Most Beautiful Losers (from Midnight Piranha Brothers)

Angel In The Rain by John Schnabel (from This Iron Road)

Your Company by Vug (from Vug)

Fly Away by The Floorwalkers (from The Natural Road)

Wild Horses by Hayseed (from Melic)

Run by The Regionals (from The Regionals)

House On Fire by Spikedrivers (from Gather Round)

Parsons Avenue by Miller-Kelton (from Tip Top)

Glorious In Black by Black Owls (from June '71)
  1. TACO Podcast - episode 7

TACO Podcast Episode 6 Podcast

TACO Podcast Six (Nine Lives, Premiers and Never Before)
This episode John and Jon return to play 2 songs from Silo the Huskie's unreleased CD "Townie", Premier 2 new songs from both Jason Quicksalls yet to be released EP "Real Again" and the The Boondogglers' "Songs Of Life, Love and Civil Disobedience." We finish the show off with 2 songs from Lydia Loveless' new Bloodshot Records release "Indestructible Machine" and Big Back Forty's "8 Miles Down" from the CD "Bested."

18 Wheeler In The Rain by John Joseph, Chris Bair, Adam Dowell, Felix Alvis, Kevin Spain
(from John Joseph’s unreleased solo effort “Harvest King”)

Smile Shoot Smile by Silo The Huskie (from Townie (<unreleased>)
Behind The Drive Thru by Silo The Huskie (from Townie (<unreleased>)

Good Time by Jason Quicksall (from the yet to be released Real Again EP)
Real Again by Jason Quicksall (from the yet to be released Real Again EP)

Jeff Davis by The Boondogglers (from Songs Of Life, Love and Civil Disobedience)
Hirewires and Bonfires and By The Boondogglers (from Songs Of Life, Love and Civil Disobedience)

Steve Earle by Lydia Loveless (from Indestructible Machine)
Can’t Change Me by Lydia Loveless (from Indestructible Machine)

8 Miles Down by Big Back Forty (from Bested)
  1. TACO Podcast - episode 6

TACO Podcast Episode 5 Podcast

TACO Podcast Five (Fresh Peaches and Full Moons Episode)
This episode Singing Moon Records and The Tin Hearts' Matt Sullivan takes over for John and Jon. (John and Jon will return in October for Episode Six).

Acoustic Blues by Andy Frederick

Black Cat by Angela Perley and The Howling Moons (from Black Cat)

Stewball by Woody Pines and the Lonesome two (from Lonesome Shack Blues)

Mid Size City by The Judas Cow (from Last Summer EP)

Breakin Rocks by Big Red and The Wagoneers (from Live on the Red line)

Bird by Mark Sims (from Clouds of Dust and Sand)

As long as I am tall by Joshua P.James and the Paper Planes (from As long as I am tall)

Big Water by Eric Nassau (from What's left of open spaces)

Davey by Megan Palmer and The Hopefuls (from Take you away)

Carolina by Matt Hubbard (unpublished - not available)

Forsaken by Robert Loss (from Forsaken)

Big Tent revival by The Wells (from The outcasts will make a strong nation)

Sun and moon by King wilkie (from The Wilkie Family Singers)
  1. TACO Podcast - Episode 5

TACO Podcast Episode 4 Podcast

TACO Podcast Four (Jon Schaer solo episode, Conversation with Two Cow Garage; plus 2)

Promised Land Blues by Shane Sweeney (from The Finding Time)

Oh Darling by Two Cow Garage (from Suburban Home Sampler 2009 live - beatles cover)

Chastity by Bush League All-Stars (from Old Numbers)

Church Stroll by Tom Evanchuck (from The Evanchucks)

Jon Schaer's conversation (interview) with Two Cow Garage's Micah Schnabel, Shane Sweeney, and David Murphy.
  1. TACO podcast - episode 4

TACO Podcast Episode 3 Podcast

TACO Podcast Three (Gone But Not Forgotten Episode)

Place To Stay by Feversmile (from 4 Song EP)
also check out: Big Back Forty, The Lonely Bones, New Bomb Turks, and Train Meets Truck

33 by Appalachian Death Ride (from Appalachian Death Ride)

North Of The Platitudes by Plaster Saints (from 1000 Hurts)
also check out: The Lilybandits, Mooncussers, and The Regionals

Dennison Avenue by Bigfoot (from Dark Old Days)
also check out: Ugly Stick, The Townsmen, and Total Foxx

Nate And Bob Song by Joel Treadway (from Burnt & Bent)

Last Summer by The Judas Cow (from EP)
also check out: Silo The Huskie, Kingrods, PilotDogs, and Ghost Shirt

No. 7 by The Bottoms (from The Bottoms)
also check out: Unit 1, X-Rated Cowboys, and Dead Flower Bloom

75 & 94 by The Cur Dogs (from Chasing Tales)
  1. TACO Podcast - episode 3
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